Welcome to the world of Power vagaries and unlimited solutions. How many of the solution available to you without your knowledge is the beginning of the Problem. Most of us are not aware that many types of equipment consume more power than it should this in turn results in power shortage. “Power saved is Power generated” and each one of us can generate Power by choosing to use the right product.

We have the option to solve our power problem at our Home, Office, Industries etc in short, all walks of life by going for Inverter, UPS or Generator but how efficient are this equipment. At times, you invest and go for additional UPS for redundancy option. Before buying a UPS one should look for other than the Company Marketing it is overall efficiency of the Product and after Sales Support. Better overall efficiency of the product not only ensures better Performance but also less Power bill and more Power saving.

Alpha Zee offers you everything under one roof. Your power need can grow along with your organizations growth by choosing Modular UPS with high efficiency UP TO 100 kVA or high end UPS system till 6400Kva.


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